Our E-ACT Ambassadors

Our ambassador team is made up of parents and community members who share a passion for supporting and working with the academy.

This is an exciting and unique role at the heart of our academy.  Ambassadors collaborate, network and forge links with the local community to inspire pupils to rasie their aspirations.

Working closely with the headteacher and supported by the national governance team and trustees, ambassadors also support our commnunity hub to ensure children are getting the support they need at home.

Led by a chairperson, ambassador teams meet a minimum of once per term and have at least two parent ambassadors, The play a vital role in sharing parents’, pupils’ and the community’s voice with trustees.

On occasion, ambassadors may also be invited to sit on complaint hearings and hearings for permanent exclusions.

If you would like to become an ambassador please contact the headteacher Louise Cowley on louise.cowley@bea.e-act.org.uk. You can also contact the national governance team for further information at governance@E-ACT.org.uk.

Other important documents on the trust website include:

  • Member and trustee register and declared interests
  • E-ACT’s Scheme of Delegation
  • Annual Report
  • Articles of Association
  • Master Funding Agreement

All of these documents can be found by clicking here.

Our Ambassadors

Karen Hayns Karen Hayns Chair

I am a parent to two teenage boys and have lived locally for 18 years after growing up in the west country.  My early career was with M&S and I spent my 20s and 30s moving around the UK&I which was all very exciting.  Looking back,  I think I enjoyed buying and selling houses as much as I enjoyed retail!  This was followed by several years commuting into London until one day I realised that I needed to give my life a big makeover and decided to retrain at Henley, just 20 minutes from home.  What a gift that was!  I went on to complete a Masters in coaching and now run my own business, lifestyle and health practice and love it.


I became a governor at BEA in 2015 and then volunteered again when the school was re-brokered by E-ACT in Sept 2018.  It’s worth knowing that the Trust does things a bit differently; we don’t have governors we have Ambassadors and as Chair, I feel incredibly proud to be part of our highly motivated, action orientated Ambassador Group.  Made up of teachers, including our HT and busy parents we bring different things to the table including a broad skills set which we believe is instrumental in shaping the future direction of BEA.


Rest assured, we are on a mission to make BEA an outstanding Academy and the secondary school of choice in our local community.  If you would like to know more about what we do or would like find about becoming an Ambassador, then please use the contact us button on our page; we’d love to hear from you.

Jenny Shepherd Jenny Shepherd

I have been a member of the AG for a year and all three of my children attend BEA. It is a wonderful community school, with a strong sense of nurture and growth.

The Leadership team at BEA can see the future leaders in all of our children and work passionately to help all to realise their potential.

My professional background is as a Family Therapist. I currently work in the NHS within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health sector (CAMHS). I also have a previous background in Specialist education, for both young people with mental health difficulties and for those with SEND. A more than reasonable proportion of young may struggle with their mental health at some point during their adolescence, and BEA also boasts a particularly strong cohort of young people with SEND, hence my hope has been to support BEA in its endeavours to best support this population of young people and their parents. The AG is very well respected and connected to the leadership of the school, and it is very rewarding to work with a team as equally passionate about the wellbeing of young people as they are of their academic achievement.

Uma Varsani Uma Varsani

I am a parent, local resident and business owner and have lived in Flackwell Heath for 25 years.  Both my daughters attended Wycombe High School and Bourne End Academy was the first choice for our son.

I decided to become an Ambassador almost immediately after joining the school, as I realised that the bare bones of the school were amazing and as an interested and invested parent I wanted to offer my help to make the school even better.

In 2019, we put together the very successful World of Work event. This was something that had never been done at the school before and was met with great applause and excitement. Teachers and students alike welcomed the chance to see the real opportunities that were available for students leaving Bourne End Academy both locally with support from local businesses and further afield with support from bigger brands.

My interest this year will be to look at the gifted and talented children in the school. In a school like ours, there is always a percentage of children who scored between 110 and 121 in the 11+. These students have exceptional academic ability and I believe it is only right that we guide them to excel in their studies and they feel able to challenge and improve themselves to achieve the best results they can.  This can only be a great thing for the school.

I look forward to meeting parents who may be interested in getting involved with this and other areas of the AG.

Kimberley White

Although I’m still a reasonably new member of the AG, my relationship with the school is a long one, both personally and professionally. Personally, I was a student here myself from year 7 through to 13, when I was appointed the role of Head Girl. After going away to university for three years, I returned in search of gaining experience in developing my interpersonal skills and found the role of LSA advertised. This resulted in three and a half years of working in the ARP (Additional Resource Provision) with our students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and gaining invaluable insight into the world of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability).

Having never taken a break from education, I took six months out to go travelling and gain wider life experience. When I returned, I made the transition to Learning Support and supported a wider range of special educational needs as a specialist Maths LSA. From here the opportunity arose for me to transition from Maths LSA to Maths teacher – I now have my QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and have been teaching for four years this year; bringing my professional relationship with the school to nine years.

Although the role of teacher can be a challenging one, I love my job and I care very passionately about the school and the students in it; I feel privileged to be a part of its journey and look forward to taking on my new role of SENDCo and Inclusion Leader.


Phil Bellamy

I am a parent of three girls aged 16, 14 and 10.  All three are past, present or future pupils at BEA.  For the last 25 years, my day job has been working as a research scientist for a global multinational, developing improvements to every day household products such as laundry detergents and oral care products.  I have published a number of scientific papers, as well as presenting my research at international scientific conferences.


I have a passion for helping young adults to put their academic education to good, practical use as they move from education to the workplace.   As an experienced professional, part of my work time is now committed to recruitment and interviewing of potential new employees – I have conducted well over 150 interviews in the last 10 years.  As my company has a policy of promote from within, this means I largely interview young adults directly after they leave education. They can be anything from 16-year olds entering our science/engineering apprenticeships, to top graduates from the most prestigious universities.  Building on my recruitment role, I also have some responsibility for development & mentoring of new employees as they adapt to the workplace over their first months.

Emma Pritchard

I’ve been a local resident for over a decade and have worked in Buckinghamshire schools my whole career.  I am a Geography teacher by trade and have worked in school leadership for the last 5 years, specifically with responsibilities including Learning and Teaching, Careers, Academic Resilience, and character development.

I am currently focusing on being a mum to two teenage children. I have only recently joined BEA Ambassadorial Group and my aim is to help BEA and its students achieve their very best academically as well as develop character traits and life skills that will make them good citizens and great employees and employers of the future.

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