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An E-ACT academy

E-ACT is an educational trust of 28 academies across England.

Our community includes over 18,000 pupils and 2,500 teaching and non-teaching professionals across the country.

What it means to be part of E-ACT

As an E-ACT academy we can collaborate and share ideas with other academies within the trust in ways that other schools may not be able to. By being part of a larger trust, our pupils and staff also feel part of something much bigger.

E-ACT supports its 28 academies through two regions: North and South. We can rely on support when it is needed from colleagues across the trust who work with us to lead academy improvement.

Think big, show team spirit, do the right thing

E-ACT Heartlands Academy in Birmingham was recently ranked one of the best secondary schools in the country for pupil progress and was named School of the Year at the Times Educational Supplement schools awards.

As an E-ACT academy, we have the highest aspirations for our pupils and will never use their backgrounds or where they have grown up as an excuse for underperformance.

By encouraging them to think big and believe that anything is possible, by showing them the importance of team spirit and by supporting them to carefully think through their decisions to do the right thing, we know that every one of our pupils can realise their full potential.

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