Data Checkpoints

Schools are places of learning and achievement. In an ever-growing complex world, our children need the qualifications, skills and tenacity to become leaders of the future global economy.  

We measure our success by our students’ success. We make all our resources available to our students and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to their success.  

Strategy matters. We seek a competitive advantage for our students. Our approach is to consider the education agenda as a whole, the competition, and its dynamics. Valid data, rigorous analysis, root causes, and explicit logic will serve as our foundations for objective decision-making.  

We are ambitious for our students, we believe they will be the future leaders of the global economy. This shared vision helps shape the mind-set of our students. We will make sure that we enhance students’ capabilities and deliver excellent examination performances for them. 


Assessment plan for the 2020-21 academic year


Data Checkpoint assessments (DCP) will be completed regularly across the year to allow us to measure how well out students are learning the taught curriculum.


  • All pupils in Y7-9 will have three DCP’s across the academic year.
  • Year 10 will have four DCP’s across the academic year.
  • Year 11-13 will have two formal mock periods with additional subject assessments based on the GCSE/BTEC course structure.


When students have a Data Checkpoint assessment (DCP) they will receive a timetable of when each assessment will be held, this will be sent to parents and students at least two weeks in advance.

Year 7-9: we will report a percentage score from a knowledge-based assessment.

Year 10-13: for exam-based subjects, students will sit a past exam paper from each subject*, we will report the grade achieved on this paper. For BTEC coursework-based subjects, we will report the current ‘working at’ grade based on coursework submitted during the term. 

*Given the period of school closure Y10 will sit a knowledge-focused topic test for the first two DCP assessments and sit full GCSE papers from January 2021. 

Following each DCP, you will receive a report card detailing your child’s results. Alongside this data we will report on attendance, termly achievement points total, termly behaviour points total, amount of homework completed and a professional development level.  

Once the DCP assessments are marked, students will be expected to take the assessment home to share with parents. 

Professional development level: Each term your child will receive a level based on the behaviours they have displayed towards learning in the term. Tutors will use attendance, net positive behaviour points and homework submission data, alongside their observations of your child’s engagement in the professional development programme that will run during form time. Pupils will be given a level (emerging, developing, secured, mastered). The professional development programme can be found with the curriculum plan for each year group. 


DCP 3 timetables

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Mocks Timetables

Year 11

Year 13







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