At Bourne End Academy we believe that a rich and diverse enrichment programme compliments and extends the quality first teaching and learning experience we strive for all of our students.

We offer an accessible and engaging programme of enrichment clubs, whole school activities, educational trips, visits and events. Every student in each year group at each stage of their time at Bourne End Academy has the opportunity to participate in an enrichment activity, whether going on a trip to a university, a visit to the theatre or an overnight residential during their time with us.


Enrichment Week

Our Enrichment Programme takes place at the end of each academic year and is held over two weeks. The purpose of our enrichment programme is to provide students with unique opportunities for all students to engage in.Everything we do in the day-to-day life of school plays a significant role in the development of our students. We firmly believe that enrichment activities are an essential part of school life and support in enhancing the learning process of students at school. An enrichment programme will allow us as a school community to celebrate the passion and talents of our students outside the academic curriculum and give our students the opportunity to learn beyond our academic curriculum.   

BEA Broadcast – ENRICHMENT WEEK 2023

Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club launched as a charity to increase access to highly selective universities for under represented groups.  One of their initiatives is the Scholars Programme, which we are taking part in for the first time in September. Students will experience university-style learning through seven tutorials and two trips to a highly selective university each term. The second trip includes a graduation ceremony, where we hope to see many parents attend too. Our students will be supported by a PhD tutor teaching a supra-curricular topic based on their area of expertise.

Reading Scholars

Working with the University of Reading, students would be invited to attend four on-campus visits across the academic year, will provide students with an exciting opportunity to explore Reading university campus, meet their Mentors who will support and guide them from Year 10 to Year 12. Across three years participants cover useful academic content on key study skills that will help students with their current studies but will also allow them to get a head start in learning and practicing some advanced skills through the completion of an independent poster project on a topic that interests them. Students will have the opportunity to find out about their options beyond school/ college/ sixth form and begin to think about their potential path to Higher Education and/ or future careers.

Year 12 university summer schools

Year 12 students take part in summer schools. The majority of which are currently delivered virtually for the second consecutive year due to national restrictions. Our students take part in summer schools hosted by the University of Birmingham, Lancaster University, Royal Holloway and many more. Attending a summer school is one of the most important parts of the UCAS process. Students gain support with their personal statements; they also have an opportunity to experience university lectures and seminars and to meet current students and their lecturers.

We look forward to taking students in years 7-11 for visits in the new academic year.

UCAS & Unifrog

Alongside attending university summer schools, our year 12’s have found many other ways to ensure that they are well prepared to finalise their UCAS applications for when they return to school in September. One of the tools at their disposal is our subscription to the Unifrog platform. The site gives students an all-in-one tool to research careers, universities and their courses, degree apprenticeships and much more.

The platform is so helpful that we will be launching it to all year groups in September as a core element of our careers support. Would you please use the following to log in as a parent should you like to learn more about the site? Please visit Unifrog and use code ENBWPARENTS, this is valid until the 6th of August. We will reissue another parent access code when we return to school in September.

Please note that every student in years 7-11 has a login for the site already. They can contact their Heads of Year if they need help logging in. We will be having a big launch for those year groups, please keep your eyes peeled for the student parent careers activity we have planned.

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Bourne End Academy should you have any questions or enquires about any of our enrichment activities.

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