Student leadership

Functions of Student Leadership at Bourne End Academy:

Listening to students
The Student Leadership listens to the views, opinions and ideas of all students in the School.

Representing students’ views
The Student Leadership represents students’ views and is a forum for students’ concerns to be addressed. It also airs students’ difficulties, on behalf of individuals or groups, which might not otherwise come to light. It brings the views and concerns of students forward to Senior Leadership and teachers in a diplomatic way.

A consultative body
The Student Leadership has a consultative role within the School. Students are consulted prior to implementation of new School policies, e.g. uniform, homework, games, sports and activities. This allows for a collaboration and all-inclusive orientation within the School.

Contribution to developing policy
The Student Leadership contributes to the development of school policies, including the development of school rules. The Student Leadership has a say in the running of the school.

Providers of information
The Student Leadership provides leadership and management within the school with information. The Student Leadership alerts leadership and management to student concerns of which they might not be aware and also provide leadership and management within the school with ideas and solutions to issues that students may be experiencing, both in and outside of school.

A resource
The Student Leadership is a resource similar to both the AAG and the Parents’ Association (PTA for Bourne End Academy) and can work in tandem with the leadership and management of the school.

A communication channel
The Student Leadership is a vital channel of communication in the school. It provides leadership and management with information about the opinions of the student body and can also give feedback to the student body from Senior Leadership. The Student Leadership also provides an essential link between the students and the Senior Leadership, teachers and non-teaching staff.

An educational opportunity
The Student Leadership is a learning tool for all students involved. Students learn to think critically through involvement with the Student Leadership Team.

Improving the school atmosphere
The Student Leadership Team helps to create a positive school atmosphere by providing students with a sense of ownership of their school.

School social issues
The Student Leadership Team ensures that there is equality of treatment across the school.

Fosters student/teacher relationships
The Student Leadership helps to improve student/teacher relationships.

Monitoring school conditions for students
The Student Leadership helps to monitor and where appropriate improve the day-to-day conditions for students.

Improving School facilities
The Student Leadership has a role in improving school facilities, e.g. lockers, benches or seating areas for break-times, sports facilities, school equipment, school décor (e.g. brighter walls, fixing the heating system, making the school accessible for students with access issues).

Improving the learning environment
The Student Leadership helps to improve the learning environment by achieving an outstanding school environment suitable for all staff and students to work to their maximum ability.

Raising students’ awareness of ‘bigger’ issues
The Student Leadership raises students’ awareness of social issues, such as poverty, the environment, health and peer pressure.

A partnership
The Student Leadership Team is a partner with Senior Leadership, staff, parents and the wider community in the running of an outstanding school.

Bourne End Student Leadership

The Student Leadership is one of the channels through which we successfully obtain the views of the Student Voice, which we believe is a vital element of our school and commitment to the young people.

A student from each Tutor group is elected democratically by the students, with the meetings held and managed by the students themselves.

The school encourage the ‘Student Voice’ to identify the needs and opinions of the respective year groups. The Year Student Leadership Meetings are managed and lead by a representative from the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team with the support of the respective Head of Year, which then feeds directly to one of the Assistant Headteachers and Senior Teachers within the school. The minutes and meeting items are taken to Senior Leadership Meetings and discussed.

The School Leadership Team has the ability to propose developments, plan and create fund raising ideas for the school.

The Student Leadership notice board

The Student Leadership notice board can be found outside the restaurant so that all students have access and site of it during a normal school day. The notice board includes:
• Members names and classes
• Dates of next meetings
• Agenda for next meeting
• Minutes of last meeting
• Opportunity for students to raise issues that they would like the Student Leadership Team to raise and address
• Student Leadership achievements and on-going activities

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