Careers Programme Information

Bourne End Academy is committed to preparing all learners to become future leaders for the global economy. We aim to prepare our students to go on to further or higher education, degree apprenticeships to enable them to make a meaningful impact to local, national and the global economy.

Work and life readiness are key attributes that our students will develop from both tutor time and curriculum learning alike. Our bespoke Professional Development programme ensures that our learners will develop key skills throughout their secondary education and this is mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Career Development Framework from the CDI.


Industry Career Advice 

The following document includes external links which will provide information about the most common industries/professions. The information can be used alongside Unifrog and other careers related information to help young people to learn more about potential careers.

Industry Career Advice


Careers Programme 

Our bespoke Professional Development curriculum is benchmarked against the CDi framework and regularly reviewed against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

In addition to our Professional Development lessons our careers provision is supplemented in many forms, such as:

  • An annual Careers Fair
  • Individual Unifrog accounts for all students
  • A close working partnerships with external agencies such as Working Options in Education and Wildhearts
  • An on-going relationship with local and national businesses, to include mentoring and career insight events
  • A close working relationship with a wide range of universities


Impact of the careers programme on students 

Each year we review the destination data, with a target of zero NEETS.  This enables the school to understand our students’ career paths and shape the careers programme and curriculum going forward.

If you would like more information about our destination data please contact:

Next review

We constantly review our careers programme throughout the academic year in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks. Our next formal review of the careers strategy will be in October 2022.


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