Attendance and Punctuality Survey

Attendance and Punctuality Survey Summer

Year 11

Year 11 marks a pivotal point in a student’s education, preparing them for choices at a Post 16 level amongst a period where they will sit their first formal set of exams to showcase their academic attainment level. We believe that learning should be promoted as an activity which is engaging, rewarding and an aspect of school life that fosters an inquisitive nature.

At Bourne End Academy, we passionately believe that all students have the ability and opportunity to be successful in all areas of school life, and as a result they should feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. With a rich and varied curriculum, that students have now chosen to follow, we want to foster their passion for learning and inspire the next generation of future leaders, fostering the skills to be resilient as well as collaborative in this process.

The personal development curriculum pulls together three important aspects:

  1. Guidance on professional behaviours and roadmaps to future careers
  2. Our RSE curriculum alongside a focus on pupils’ moral, cultural, spiritual, emotional, and physical development at school will enable students to become an all rounded Bourne End Academy graduate.
  3. The development of confidence, effective learning strategies and a growth mind-set are acentre point to pivot from in both pastoral as well as academic curriculums.
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