Welcome to Year 11

Year 11 marks a pivotal point in a student’s education, by preparing them for choices Post 16 and to be READY to sit their first formal sets of exams to highlight their academic attainment.

At Bourne End Academy we create a culture where we support our Year 11 students to become Relentless in their work ethic, self-efficacy, and aspirations. To use Effective strategies to help students Achieve what they deserve and require. By encouraging them to Develop their own confidence. To Yearn to want more by using growth mindset and to believe that the opportunities are endless.

We will educate Year 11 to know how to prepare for exams academically as well as emotionally, by provide high quality revision lessons, external professionals to inspire students to ‘smash that glass ceiling’ as well as how to manage stress and anxiety to support them in the best outcome.

At Bourne End Academy we believe that knowledge is power, and we pledge to meet with each student to ensure they are aware of all possibilities for Post 16, that their aspirations are supported, and they have secured a Post 16 placement.

Year 11 Motto:

Relentless, Effective, Achieve, Develop, Yearn


Ms Walker, Head of Year 11


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