Year 11 GCSE and BTEC exams

Schools are places of learning and achievement. We measure our success by our students’ success. In an ever-growing complex world, our children need the qualifications, skills and tenacity to become leaders.


We are ambitious for our students, we believe they will be the future leaders. This shared vision helps shape the mindset of our students. We will make sure that we enhance students’ capabilities and deliver excellent examination performances for them.


Assessments will be completed regularly across the year to allow us to prepare students for the summer exams.


  • All pupils in Year 11 will have two formal mock exams.
  • Students will receive a timetable detailing when assessment will be held, this will be sent to parents and students at least two weeks in advance.

Y11, 12, 13 PPE2 Spring 24 Exam Timetable FINAL v2

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