Welcome to Year 9

This year is an important one for our students, as they begin the initial stages of their journey towards successful academic results. During the year, students with consult with teachers and parents to make the first refinements to their personalised curriculums ready for starting in Year 10. By taking ownership of their learning, Year 9 students are able to study their favourite subjects in greater depth and learn about new courses, such as Business or Heath & Social Care. Students are very lucky to have a wealth of options offered alongside their statutory subjects.

Year 9 is full of exciting opportunities inside and outside of the curriculum, and we expect our students to take full advantage of them; challenging and enjoying themselves with new skills and experiences. As the oldest members of our lower school, their leadership skills will certainly be encouraged.

Our aim is to develop mindful, ambitious young people who are able to make mature decisions with both themselves and the wider context in mind. Year 9 students will explore the world around them and ask questions which help them achieve and make progress. By aiming high, our students will ensure that they are on the right path to achieving their potential in the years ahead.

Ms Wells, Year 9

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