Uniform and Equipment

All students will be expected to wear their uniform that reflects our value of pride and professionalism, inside and outside of the Academy. The information below outlines clearly our uniform expectations.


  1. Bourne End Academy blazer (black with Bourne End Academy school badge). 
  2. Academy tie Red and Silver
  • White Shirt with collar and top button fastened at all times.
  • Black V neck jumper
  • BEA Kilt or smart tailored black trousers.
  • Plain black or white ankle socks or black/flesh coloured tights . 
  • Black leather flat formal shoes. Shoes that look like trainers will not be acceptable. Please refer to the help guide for images for clarity.
  • Plain coat and dark colour, black, navy and grey (denim, leather, fur and suede jackets are not permitted).  Coats are not to be worn whilst inside the Academy building. 
  • Plain black scarf and/or hat and/or gloves. These will need to be removed before entering the Academy building.
  • No hoodies allowed and should not be brought to the Academy or worn.
  • Single stud of plain gold/silver in each ear (no diamante/pearl/coloured/spike styles permitted).  If newly pierced ears, they must be taped up for six weeks when taking part in PE lessons.
  • Hair colour must be of natural colour and have no patterns etc.
  • Students are not to wear rings, necklaces, bracelets or nose studs to school
  • Nail Varnish, acrylic nails, gel nails and false eyelashes are not permitted
  • Make up must be natural. The school has the final decision on what is deemed natural

Examples of Footwear to comply with Uniform Policy

Non-uniform items will be confiscated:

No bandanas, baseball caps (unless specific arrangements have been made), hoodies are allowed to be worn on the Academy site.

Any non-regulation attire will be confiscated and a C3 call back (50mins) will be issued.

If shoes need to be replaced or you are waiting for items of uniform please provide proof of ordering and the students will be issued with an orange uniform card and regular checks will be made.


PE Kit

  1. T-Shirt: Regulation BEA black and red t-shirt
  2. Trainers: Must be sports trainers and not fashion trainers
  3. Astroturf or moulded stud boots
  4. Football socks – black; white ankle sock/sports socks
  5. Black shorts or black skorts.  NO lycra shorts are to be worn.
  6. Tracksuit top: This is optional, however, It must be BEA branded – Red round neck sweat shirt, black zip up sports top.
  7. Tracksuit bottoms: Must be plain black or with a small sports logo.  (with or without the BEA logo)
  8. Leggings: Must be plain black sports leggings or with a small sports logo. (with or without the BEA lettering) Fashion leggings are not acceptable.
  9. Coats: This is optional. It must be the BEA shower proof jacket. No other jackets will be acceptable
  10. Base layers: Plain black or white base layers may be worn under the PE kit. They are not to worn instead of the PE kit.

Any non-regulation PE attire will be confiscated and a C3 call back will be issued. If you are waiting on items that have been purchased please provide proof of purchase and the student will be given an orange uniform card until the item is in stock.  The Academy will attempt to provide jumpers where possible until new jumpers have been collected.

Uniform can be purchased from our two suppliers:


Unit 10a Wessex Industrial Estate

Bourne End




PMG Schoolwear

5 Church Square

High Wycombe

HP11 2BT



Pupil Premium Uniform Support

In response to frequently asked questions, we hope the following is helpful:

  • Shoes must be black leather (polishable).
  • PE trainers should be any appropriate trainer type shoe (no logos).
  • Shirts should be white with a classic collar for a tie. Short or long-sleeved.
  • Students should not wear jewellery beyond a pair of plain stud earrings. They should not wear nail varnish.
  • School bags must be black and not have a large logo, they must also hold A4 sized books.
  • Students should bring in to school each day:   pencil case each day with 2 x pens(black/blue), 1 x green pen, pencils, rubber, ruler, glue stick and scientific calculator, mini whiteboards and whiteboard pens. They must bring in a bag that is big enough to carry books and equipment. (see above).


  1.  Students are expected to dress smartly to reflect the level of professionalism expected in the Sixth Form. 
  2. Professional, business-like attire, reflecting a position of responsibility in the community and the stage they are at towards professional employment. 
  3. Dress to set a positive example to others in the school community. 
  4. Promote the professional ethos of BEA to the wider community . 
  5. Appropriate for the learning environment. 




  • Smart shirt, blouse or top
  • Tie  
  • Smart trousers or knee length skirt . 
  • Smart shoes . 
  • Smart coat or jacket (these are not to be worn in the classroom or other designated study spaces). 
  • Smart plain backpack or shoulder bag with no logos or striking patterns. 
  • Students will be sent home to change on arrival if not meeting the expectations for the Sixth Form. 


Please note that the Headteacher reserves the right to decide if a students uniform complies with the academy’s uniform expectations. Failure to wear the correct uniform could lead to a student being isolated and not participating in lessons until they are adhering with uniform expectations. In exceptional circumstances, students may be requested to return home to dress in correct uniform before being permitted to enter the academy.



2 Black Pens
Green Pen
Glue Stick
Scientific Calculator
Pencil case
Mini Whiteboard and Whiteboard Pen (This will be given to you when you start in Year 7)


You are able to purchase any of these items online via ParentPay.  Once an order has been placed your child can collect from the school shop at the beginning or end of the school day.

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