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Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives academies additional funding of £500 to support every Year 7 student who did not achieve at least a level 4 in reading or mathematics at the end of their key stage 2 assessments.

The strategies to be employed during this academic year using the anticipated funding allowance of £18,391 include:

Targeted Support

The use of small group teaching and primary teaching techniques through dedicated teaching sets and support for individual students by class teachers and LSA
Additional Resources, including Accelerated Reader are used to support students and provide additional resources in home learning and boost knowledge outside the classroom

Literacy Support

Accelerated Reader
As part of literacy provision students in Year 7 (and Year 8 and Year 9) have designated timetable lessons the Accelerated Reader Programme. The programme follows a structure in which students read a book (appropriate for age and ability), takes an online quiz, and receive immediate feedback. Students respond to regular feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills. The programme then suggests/recommends a new book or style that fits the ability and age of the student whilst challenging, supporting and stretching. Students with the lowest literacy scores are specifically encouraged to read out loud to the teacher to develop skills. Student are required to read during Form Time as well as during the Accelerated Reader lessons with this time spent monitored through reading logs.

SENCO led Literacy Intervention

All students undertake standardised testing upon entry to school to establish a baseline spelling age. Those identified as having significant weaknesses are given additional support lessons (removed from specific and agreed lessons) to improve their spelling skills. Working in small groups, the students engage in a six week programme led by the school SENCO. The students are assessed after the six weeks and continue if progress is still below expected.


Tailored Approach to Learning
The lowest set Maths group has a reduced class size to enable students to have a greater teacher students time ratio. This group has a tailored teaching approach – Kinaesthetic Learning with a focus on investigation, designed to engage those less confident with basic maths skills.
SENCo led Numeracy Intervention
As with the Literacy Programme above additional support is in place for the lowest attainers. The students are removed from an agreed lesson and at agreed time in order to focus on core maths skills.

Numeracy Programme

During Form Time a “Numeracy Programme” workbook is used to support, engage and stretch students who have entered Bourne End Academy and in support of the Year 7 Catch Up Premium. Skills are taught until the student has fully understood the concept before moving on to more complex level. Baseline test carried out upon initial enrolment and the cohort is currently being retested to establish progress made.


The impact of the Year 7 Catch Up funding is evaluated through the Academy’s data and assessment routines, where progress, attitude and behaviour were analysed for patterns and trends. Support is adapted at these points, if appropriate, in order to meet individual pupils’ needs. Within literacy, pupils reading and spelling scores were regularly analysed for progress, and teaching support was then adapted to suit need.

Year 7 Catch Up 19/20

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