Careers Guidance


Students are supported throughout their Sixth Form journey, in preparation for the next stage of their lives. Students are given information and guidance from dedicated staff for UCAS and Apprenticeship applications, along with the Careers Coordinator, Form Tutors and leaders of the Sixth Form. Two thirds of our students went on to University this year, with the remaining third securing management trainee positions and apprenticeships in a wide range of subject areas.

All students will write a personal statement regardless of the route they are following, to support either UCAS or to personalise their CV with meaningful information about themselves. All staff provide a reference on the students in their subject area, which is coordinated and held as one reference on file for applications and reference requests.
Parents of Year 12 students are invited to a meeting in the Spring Term to explain the entry procedure for higher education and in particular the UCAS process. We feel that if parents are informed, they can play a vital role in helping their children through the complex applications process, and on making their important decisions.
All students have personal logins to an excellent computer programme called ‘Unifrog’, which offers university and apprenticeship choices that are live and updated on line, every 24 hours.



Students are prepared by the Sixth Form team as well as visiting speakers on how to progress down the pathways of work, Apprenticeship and University to allow discussion on how to apply; the perfect CV and an insight into work and selection for jobs. Students visit Apprenticeship Fairs and visits from local companies offering Apprenticeships. Students will have numerous visits to Careers and University fairs, both national and local, as well as links with a local university and local Businesses and Human Resources personnel, who come in to talk to students. A representative from UCAS will visit to deliver all the necessary information and guidance on the finances of university life.

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