How we support our students

We know that students may want to change subjects at any time in the first few weeks of Year 12. We will provide abundant support and encouragement to students – but we will also be honest and realistic. We want to make sure all of our Sixth Form students use these crucial two years wisely.

Subject teachers and the pastoral team monitor the progress of each Sixth Former, particularly during the first probationary term. We interview any student not achieving a pass grade after each set of examinations and those where we have concerns over effort, deadlines, independent study or other issues. Teachers and students then agree on an action plan. This may involve extra work to reinforce weak areas, changing a subject, dropping a subject or even repeating the year. We do not support students continuing to study subjects in which success is unlikely; it is better to concentrate attention on other subjects. Our high pass rate proves the success of this policy. 

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