Life in the Sixth Form

Each student’s personalised timetable is created from four blocks. In Year 12 three of these are used for AS courses.

In Year 13 most students use three blocks for A2 courses. During both Year 12 and Year 13 the other free or spare block is used for enrichment and additional private study.

The personalised timetables prepare the foundation for the individual student’s personal timetable when initial decisions are made about AS subjects.

Sixth Form students play a leading role both as performers and as leaders in many extra-curricular activities such as music, debating, drama and sport. The Sixth Form Leadership Team consists representatives of other aspects including social, sporting and study areas. It is the main discussion and organising body for student activities.

Community Service is a key part of the Sixth Form life. It helps the Sixth Form develop a community spirit and benefits all of our students; it is a mechanism by which students can give back to our school. Students’ views make a valuable contribution to school life.

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