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Bourne End Academy offer a unique Sixth Form learning experience that is distinct from the rest of the academy and from other colleges and Sixth Forms in the local area. When you choose to attend Bourne End Academy, you choose to work with members of staff who are passionate about their subjects and dedicate to ensuring the very best for their students academically and pastorally. You choose to attend a setting that is student-centred and that places a high premium on academic outcomes and supporting students to reach aspirational post-secondary destinations. Our A level and BTEC subjects are partnered with excellent UCAS support and careers advice that guide students to make informed and ambitious next steps.

The Bourne End Academy Sixth Form adheres to the E-ACT Trust’s ethos of ‘Opening Minds, Opening Doors’. Through our academic, personal development and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) curricula, our focus is to inspire a rigorous and relentless passion for learning, so that learning becomes a life-long ambition for our students. We also recognise that student outcomes, what they achieve at the end of Key Stage 5, is the currency that opens the doors to their futures. We therefore set determinedly high expectations for our students in their lessons, independent work and homework to give them the strongest possible framework through which to succeed.

Students who have already attended Bourne End Academy in younger years will know that we create future leaders. In the Sixth Form, this leadership begins on the first day at the academy. We recognise that our Sixth Form students have the tools, the ambition and the desire to begin their leadership journey immediately, and we encourage this through our involvement in both the academy and wider community.

I am delighted to lead the Sixth Form at Bourne End Academy and I very much look forward to welcoming students when they start the next and most important step on their journey to becoming future leaders.

Mr Medhurst

Assistant Headteacher

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“The best place to go for sixth form, from my experience the teachers have been so supportive and helped every single one of us achieve our goals for what we need in the future.”

Google review- September 2021

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