Admissions Process

The following information is to aid your understanding of the selection and allocation process in Buckinghamshire.

Offers are made to the number of places available. If there are more applications than places, then places are allocated according to the oversubscription criteria. This applies to in-year applications for each year group.

To find out more about academy admissions within Buckinghamshire please visit the Buckinghamshire Council website by clicking here.

Applications should be made via Buckinghamshire Council via:

Buckinghamshire Council

Timetable for the secondary school admissions process

Stage of ProcessDate
Application period starts September 2022
Academy open day15 September 2022
Closing date for applications31 October 2022
National Offer Day1 March 2023
Deadline for accepting the offer15 March 2023
Deadline for submitting appeals26 March 2023
Appeal hearings for appeals submitted on timeFrom June 2023
Induction day at secondary schoolTBC
Term starts1 September 2023


Bourne End Admission Arrangements

Catchment Area September 21


Admissions ARRANGEMENTS 2022-2023

admissions arrangements 2023-2024

Admission Arrangements 2024-2025


E-ACT supplementary information form 2024-2025


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