The uniform has been designed to be neat, hardwearing and as economical as possible. All uniform items must be clearly marked with your name. Uniform must be purchased from either of these two suppliers:

PMG Schoolwear,
5 Church Square,
High Wycombe,
HP11 2BN
Tel: 01494 529693
email: highwycombe@pmgretail.co.uk

Hawkinsport & Sons,
Unit 10a,
Wessex Industrial Estate,
Bourne End,
Tel: 01628 819242
email: sales@hawkinsport.co.uk


Uniform – Years 7 – 11

  • Students
    • Regulation white, revere collared short or long sleeved shirt/blouse
    • Regulation, v neck burgundy jumper (other jumpers and cardigans may not be worn)
    • Regulation black pleated skirt that is of a length that at least reaches the knee or regulation smart tailored black trousers
    • Smart black blazer with Bourne End Academy school badge
    • Regulation burgundy and silver tie
    • Plain black socks or black/flesh coloured tights
    • Black leather (or leather type), flat and low-heeled (max 5cm) shoes suitable for wearing during the day and to and from school (fashion shoes including trainers, Vans, Converse or pumps or sports logos are not acceptable)
    • Plain coat (denim, leather and suede jackets are not permitted)
    • Plain black scarf and/or hat and/or gloves
    • Outdoor clothing, including coats, hats and scarves, must be removed on arrival at school
    • Hair accessories for all year groups must be plain black or in a colour that naturally blends with the hair
    • Unnatural hair colouring is not permitted; the interpretation of ‘unnatural’ is as follows:

    –  a colour that is not found within the natural hair colour spectrum, i.e.: a bright, extreme or vivid colour

    –  combination of colours that is easily visible or stark in contrast

    • If hair extensions are worn, no beading is permitted and must be in a colour that naturally blends with the hair
    • Haircuts should not be extreme including patterned shaving
    • Make-up must be natural
    • Only one ear piercing with a stud or small earing is allowed and must be in the earlobe. No other piercings are permitted.
    • Tattoos / body paintings are not permitted.
    • Nail varnish is not permitted, fingernails must be short and nail extensions of any kind may not be worn
    • Garments covering the face or whole body are not permitted
    • Muslim students who wish to wear hijabs may do so provided that the fabric is black, plain, lightweight and shoulder-length
    • A medium size rucksack should be used to, from and within school

• During a heatwave a school comms will be sent home notifying students that blazers and ties are optional.

PE Kit
Please see Appendix 1 for details of the PE Kit. Please note that infringements of our PE Kit are dealt with in the PE Department and escalated where appropriate in line with this policy and our Behaviour Policy.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form students are allowed to wear their own clothes to school which differentiates them clearly from students in the lower years. We therefore ask students to look neat, tidy and most importantly, appropriate for a school environment.
In support of the above, we insist on the following:
• Jeans should be smart and of a plain colour
• Skirts/dresses must be at least mid-thigh length
• No headwear to be worn in school buildings unless it is a religious garment such as a hijab or turban
• No sportswear, e.g. jogging trousers, tracksuits, football/rugby shirts outside P.E. or Dance lessons/clubs
• No strappy, cropped, low-cut tops, see through blouses
• All footwear should be appropriate for the school and learning environment
• No ripped or torn clothing
• Leggings must be opaque
• Unnatural hair colouring is not permitted; the interpretation of ‘unnatural’ is as follows: – a colour that is not found within the natural hair colour spectrum, ie a bright, extreme or vivid colour; – a combination of colours that is easily visible or stark in contrast.
• If hair extensions are worn, no beading is permitted. Extensions must also be in a colour that naturally blends with the hair;
• Garments covering the face or whole body are not permitted;
We also expect a reasonable presentation as regards jewellery. Apart from earrings and one small stud or nose ring (no septum piercings) no visible pierced jewellery is allowed. Visible tattoos are not permitted. Other jewellery such as rings or necklaces are allowed but must be modest.
On formal occasions, for example, when guiding or assisting departments on Open Evening and welcoming visitors to school events, Sixth Formers are expected to wear formal clothes.
Uniform codes: there are fuller details in Appendix 1 – the Uniform Code

Cost of Uniform
We want to ensure that the cost of uniform does not deter any student from applying to the school, nor leads to students feeling socially excluded or unable to afford other necessities. Parents who are unable to provide their child with the required items of school uniform should contact the Student Support Base. Such approaches will be handled with discretion and sensitivity.

Enforcement of the Uniform Policy / Sixth Form Dress Code
It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child comes to school in the correct uniform (see Partnership Agreement). Form tutors are responsible for monitoring uniform / dress code: all staff have a responsibility for ensuring that students are correctly dressed in lessons and elsewhere on the school site.

Students who breach the uniform policy / dress code will be sent to Student Support Base / Head of Sixth Form to change. A phonecall will be made home and parents will be asked to bring correct uniform into school. The student will kept in isolation for the day until the uniform is corrected or a note will be written in the students planner allowing them into lessons if the reason for the uniform infringement is deemed appropriate. In the case of jewellery, and other accessories, these will be confiscated and will be returned to parents or carers.

If there is a breach of uniform during the term then the student will serve lunchtime detentions and receive a C2. If deemed appropriate they will be kept in isolation for the day. Persistent breach of the uniform policy will be considered a persistent breach of school rules and escalated as per the school’s behaviour policy.

The uniform policy and dress code apply to students taking part in school-related activities within and beyond timetabled lessons, on and off the school site, for example during educational visits, unless otherwise stated.

The Headteacher is the final arbiter in all matters of uniform and dress.

Issues arising from the policy
Parents should raise any issues relating to school uniform, Sixth Form Dress Code or other aspects of appearance with the Senior Team (Behaviour and Pastoral Care). Requests to vary the uniform requirements for particular reasons, such as medical needs, will be carefully considered.

Students should raise issues with their form tutor and Head of Year; they may also request that uniform matters, including proposals for change, be put on to the agenda the Junior Leadership Team.

Policy reviews
Our uniform regulations are reviewed annually; the review includes consideration of uniform items, supply, cost and value for money. Parents, students and staff are consulted regularly and no less frequently than every three years.

Approved: Nov 2019

To be reviewed: Nov 2020

If students are not wearing appropriate uniform they will be asked to wear uniform provided by the school or home will be contacted to bring in the correct uniform. If students do not comply with the uniform policy, they will complete work in isolation.


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