Year 7 September 2020

A very warm welcome to all students, parents/carers who are joining us this September. We recognise these are uncertain times and their primary school years ended abruptly.  Your child(ren) would normally be enjoying their final summer term at primary school and celebrating all their achievements but we are here to support you and make the transition into Year 7 as smooth as possible.


Please do watch Miss McHugh’s, Head of Year 7, welcome message to you all.


Welcome Message from Miss McHugh


Joining a new school can be daunting at the best of times but with the challenges that the current social distancing rules bring we took the decision to hold a virtual Q&A session for all parents and carers.  If you missed the session or need a recap, it’s now available to view.


Virtual Q&A’s




Induction Programme

In replacement of the transition day that would normally take place in July, we have put together an induction programme that will be rolled out from the 15th June right the way through to the end of August.  Each week we will launch a virtual assembly which will give our new students an opportunity to meet key members of staff, a virtual tour of the academy and transition materials.

You can now view our weekly virtual assemblies to enable all new Year 7s to get to know us a little bit more at Bourne End Academy.

Week 1 – Virtual Assembly

Week 2 – Virtual Assembly

Week 3 – Virtual Assembly

Week 4 – Virtual Assembly

Week 5 – Virtual Assembly

Week 6 – Virtual Assembly

Week 7 – Virtual Assembly

Week 8 – Virtual Assembly

Week 9 – Virtual Assembly

Week 10 -Virtual Assembly

Week 11 – Virtual Assembly

“We both wanted to say thank you to all the staff at Bourne End Academy throughout this uncertain time. The quick response to emails, the welfare check phone calls, the continuous praise and knowing that you have all continued to support not just my son, but myself too! It really is so lovely to see and now I know how my son feels when he is at school and why he feels so happy and supported.”

Current Year 7 Parent

Please find below some useful documents

Travel to and from BEA

Term Dates & Time of Day 2020-21

Uniform Policy

Please read the full ICT Systems Acceptable Use Policy below, before signing and returning the paper copy of the final page which is included in your admission pack.

ICT Systems Acceptable Use Policy – Student



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